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Eildon Equestrian Horse Equipment Online Sales Elgin Moray

Looking for that something a little different?

We are looking to bring a certain class to you and your horses wardrobe! Offering goods from all over the world. We pride ourselves on being the only Official Kerritts Stockist in Scotland.

Come on in and take a look around, you’re bound to see something that no-one else has.

As well as being a primarily online based retailer, we offer a free collection/delivery service within a 5 mile radius of Elgin,Moray. If you live outwith this area then we also provide a service where we can meet within this area. Being flexible allows us to ease the higher delivery prices our area faces.

Kerrits Featured Product

Featured Product


Kerrits’ roots reach back to 1986, to the most intimate type of womens activewear: bathing suits. Windsurfer Kerri Kent saw an opportunity to improve the fit and performance of swimsuits that didn’t stay put. With 50 dollars worth of fabric from the Jansen outlet store and the pursuit of designing more comfortable activewear for athletic women, she began making her own suits. Windsurfing friends stood for fitting after fitting. When the suits finally met quality standards, Kerri launched from her gear bag on the beach.
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Colikare – wow! Since I put my gelding on Colikare 3 years ago, he has not had a single episode. I can’t believe it works that well. I give it to him once a day all year round (and double the amount when we change his field) and I have a happy, healthy horse. I have been saved SO many vet’s bills – thank you, Pro-Equine.
Gemma N
“I have a black Welsh cob who is always hot and sweaty after lessons or competing. Coolwash is brilliant as I just add a splash to water, wash him down, scrape it off and that’s it! No need to rinse. Thomas loves it as it gets rid of the sweat and the peppermint cools him down quickly too and leaves a nice smell!”
Jane E


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