We are 2 sisters bought together in March 2016. I am a 16.2hh liver chestnut ID x, ex hunter aged 10. My sister is a 15.2hh heinz variety, erm,  I mean ISH. She is 6 with a bit of a screw loose.

We have been somewhat of a drain on my humans bank account or so I heard. The first of this started not long after we arrived at our forever home. Rumblings in the yard and words like “strangles outbreak’ happened first then tubes being stuck up our noses. Only for my human to come and throw her arms around my neck, which she does a lot by the way, and say that we are “strangles Free’. I could of told her that, I only threaten to strangle my sister, i wouldn’t actually go through with it, yet……

A few weeks later my hapless sister didn’t quite see the fence when we were having a play and went kind of over/through it. She had to have the sleep jab again.

We had a few happy weeks before my sister yet again had my human calling the jabby lady. This time she carried on eating all the long grass in the field when we were allowed in it for a few hours. I told her to stop but she doesn’t listen. She pawed the ground and then wouldn’t eat her tea. My poor human had to stay up all night and walk her every hour. I showed my human how a good horse acts and stayed quietly in my stable. 

Then I got sore legs which the jabby lady said i had Lymphangitis. My human had to walk me every hour too. It was about time that my human paid me some attention.

We tried to stay out of trouble for a while as I heard my human say to little human, Im going to sell them. 

We had a little holiday over the winter time as my human said she couldn’t afford any more jabby lady.

Just when we thought life was easy my sister can’t walk out of her stable. A few more jabs from the lady, funny words like Cellulitis and the bad news is my hapless sister has made my human make us stay out all night, every night. I have tried all sorts of looks at the gate hoping my human will feel sorry enough to let me back in to my cosy bed where I belong but nothing is working. So welcome to our blog “Musings of the Marauding Mares”