//Our Mare Musings 22.04

Our Mare Musings 22.04

Meeting New Friends


So after a year of no travelling and no meeting in with any other of the equine species we decided to be bold and bite the bullet!

Our lovely friends took their little pony over to meet the girls.

The sight of the horse box alone was enough to pique interest. Tails up bums out!

As little Jigsaw calmly descended the ramp you could literally see Kala’s eyes turn into love hearts! We decided to tie Jigsaw up at the end of stable block to to let the dust settle. Kala was having none of it and pawed as if her life depended on it.

Nose to nose was the only way to go. Bent necks and flashy posture and all was well. Back to the tie up and time to tack up.

We allowed little Jigsaw time to strut his stuff in the school before allowing Kala to join him. Not a time had passed and Kala was keen to join the party. Kala has not floated like that for a long time. Jigsaw could be the secret weapon for our dressage shows.

After a small schooling session we headed out for a tiny hack to which Fallon back in the stable did not agree to and tried to come up with a plan to get her 16.2 mass of an ID over the stable door.

When the lovebirds came home and all was settled we all felt pretty please with ourselves and our girls finally realised they hadn’t fallen off the planet and that other horses do exist!

Kala Jigsaw

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