//Bobby’s Blog Chapter 3

Bobby’s Blog Chapter 3

Well I said that I would be good and I have – kind of. I only took off once and I only got away with that after I stood on Mum’s toes. I think Mum needs to listen to Louise Glass lol. She was not happy and took me for a very long walk back to the top of the fields. I am pretty sure that I saw steam coming out of her ears – or maybe that was because it was really cold.
I was good in the lesson – or I thought so Heva McClure might not agree as I came around the corner saw the poles and thought that I would leap up in the air – I was so excited to be allowed to get my feet off the ground as I have a reputation of not keeping them on the ground when jumping. You are supposed to take them off the ground when jumping though – aren’t you only not before or after the jump. I also jumped 4 trotting poles at the same time. It was really good fun and even Heather laughed 🙂
Mum said I’ve been a right silly billy when walking down to the field in the morning jumping at shadows. It’s not fair that I have now been called Burgers, Daisy and now Billy. I think I am a horse with character – Mum says lots of character but unfortunately no brain! The cheek of it.

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