//Bobby’s Blog Chapter 4

Bobby’s Blog Chapter 4

So it’s worming day at the yard so Mum tries to give me wormer. It smells awful so I won’t open my mouth for it even with the temptation of a polo and Mum even tickles the side of my mouth to get me to open but no way. Mum said I reminded her of a two year old – she is obviously losing her marbles because I’m 7 not 2!! So Mum tries to be clever and put it in my food, at first I think it’s normal till I get a horrible taste and realise what she has done – so I refuse to eat it again.
Mum is not happy and on the way out of the stable she trips over the poop fork. Not a happy Mum at all. She then takes my feed bucket away which I think is great as I won’t have to eat anymore only to come back with it with smelling different and it tastes ok – I know there is wormer in there but Mum has put in mix which she knows I love. I’m so excited to get my feed bucket now that I forget where the barrow full of poo is and hit it with my leg and it empties all over the stable. I’m not sure if Mum is really hot as her face has gone really red and steam is coming out of her ears. Mum uses some really bad language about rocking horses.
Eventually I am taken to the field and Auntie Zela Mole takes me down and she walks really quick – a bit like Mum on coffee :-). Mum walks Mac down and doesn’t give me a sweetie – guess she is not happy :-/
Mum gets Savvy next and as she walks past so I give Savvy a wink – you’ll find out why next …… So Mum tries to give Savvy her wormer and after my prompt she won’t open her mouth so Mum again puts it in her feed but Savvy eats hers till she gets the funny taste and Mum has to put in more mint. This time when Mum goes back in the stable Savvy escapes and goes running through the yard to get away from the taste. Auntie Donna Ferguson helps Mum and gets Savvy in the stable. Mum said she doesn’t know why she has horses!!
Taught her well I did – may the horse be with you 🙂
Author: Angela McClure

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