//Bobby’s Blog Chapter 5

Bobby’s Blog Chapter 5

Well guess what I’ve been star, well sort of… Mum took me into a lesson with the little people and I was really well behaved until I was asked to trot slowly – as you know I can’t do anything slowly only walk to and from the field 😉 so I had to jump to get out of the way only there was no poles so I just did my own. Mum was told to sit up tall and put her heels down – I think she was too busy holding on to think about anything else. I did think it was funny.
I had a walk out with Savvy and Chess and Fiona Nicholson and I was a really good, even Heva McClure said so. I was lead and then Savvy was lead and then I took over again when Savvy thought water moved after she stood on it. She looked funny and had to walk on the grass. I was brave and I was put in front on the way back as Savvy still didn’t like it 😉
Last night Auntie Lorraine Grant and Auntie Tracey Gervaise put some hay in my stable and I was so happy I started licking them – Mum says I’m like a dog on a lead so I guess maybe I am.  
Tonight I had a lesson with Heva and she was not amused as I thought walk and trot OK but canter was really really exciting. I tried really hard to keep all four feet on the floor but hey ho I forgot and spent my time cantering with my head between my legs, my back arched and my feet off the floor – I still think I should be on Strictly as I can bend, flex and jump all in one move Heva just thinks I should calm down but I’m not called Bobby Burgers for nothing ;-). I’m glad Mac is my friend as I couldn’t stop and nearly ended up on his back when I was cantering as I was going so fast and he was just there. Heva called me a tit.

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