//Bobby’s Blog Chapter 6

Bobby’s Blog Chapter 6

I have been a star, yep a really big star and went out for a hack with Mum, Heva and Savvy. Did you know girl horses are really vain. Every time we went through a puddle Savvy kept looking at herself and when she did she got a pat – what does that mean you look at yourself in a puddle and get a pat. I’ll have to try it next time and see what happens! I just walk though them and know Mum is happy afterwards as my feet are clean.  
I then went on a hack with Mum, Savvy and Megan and I was still a star. Mum was riding Savvy and she was scared of everything and of course I was brave except when Savvy saw a crow and thought it as a scary animal – she made me jump as well. We had a lovely walk through the woods and passed the train track. Trains are really noisy and very very long. When we came out of the woods we saw the cows and Savvy tried to stare them out but they were more interested in the grass. I just carried on walking as I’m not scared of anything. Mum took me to the field and I walked beside her like she says I should.
Lori Mone came and got me from the field from Mum. Mum said I was really good and wouldn’t be Bobby Burgers but I showed her….. Lori caught me but I got sidetracked by a haynet and a strange looking thing with hay in it. So I followed it across the field forgetting that Lori was at the end of the lead rope oops!! Mum was not impressed with me and called me a shite bag!!! And said no one would walk me in again as I am naughty – me naughty don’t know what she is talking about.
Today I went on a hack with Jasmine on Briony and Fiona Nicholson on Holly and if I say so I was really good. Mum called me a dope on a rope…… So I showed her. Heva McClure took me in tonight and I didn’t have my cow halter on so walked really nicely till I came to the outdoor school and thought I could get to the stable quicker than Heva could so I ran away – not even raisins were going to stop me. Emma Taylor caught me and put me in the stable but I got a nasty surprise when there was no food for me so I thought I’d better hang my head over the door in shame and look really sorry for myself…… It didn’t work cause Heva took me back out of the stable, put the horrible cow halter on and walk me back to the outdoor school with Fiona. She was not happy with me at all…… I was eventually allowed to go back into my stable after I was turned in circles and made to feel dizzy, made to back up and stand like a performing circus animal whilst Heva was talking. Eventually when I was standing still Heva gave me my tea….. I might wait a while before I do that again. Then again …………

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