//Bobby’s Blog Chapter 7

Bobby’s Blog Chapter 7

Mmmmmm well where do I start. Me and Savvy were talking over the fence yesterday whilst Mum and Heva were clearing our waste products out of the field. We were just talking about what we were going to do next. Mum said I’d better be good and not lead her astray. Me lead her astray never – she’s a girl and they don’t listen anyway. I had a great hack out with Savvy and Coco we went into the cross country woods. I led the hack till we were walking home and then Coco took over…. Savvy just plodded at the back looking around at everything and then catching up with us when she realised she was behind and there might be something following her like her own tail. Scaredy cat horse!
So today Mum cleaned my stable – she said it was stinking – hey well where else am I suppose to go I’m not crossing my legs till morning time. Mum and Megan came and got me and Savvy out of the field and took us up together. Like any brother and sister we pulled faces at each other and tried to nip each other – Mum was not having that at all and told us both off.
We both got ready to go out for a walk and started on a plod through the woods …. It didn’t end like that though. Mum and Megan had a really chatty hack they were talking all the way round until I saw a Holly bush and I sort of spooked at it – guess I was the scaredy cat today. I have to apologise to Dawn Lockey and Megan as I kind of took off afterwards and Megan did really well hanging on. Megan landed in a really muddy puddle. Mum jumped off Savvy and ran to Megan.  
It wasn’t our fault but Savvy decided it was home time and started running so I followed. Mum said we looked like the Thelwell ponies with our backsides in the air and our feet flying through the woods. She called but we weren’t listening. Savvy was really fast and beat me to the middle field – that’s when she surprised me and flew and I mean jumped over the fence back into the girls field. I never followed as like I said I was not stupid – Mum totally disagrees with me on that point though. I was really happy after that as I saw Auntie Rachael Grant and went to her as I as going to do that anyway. Auntie Lorraine Grant caught Savvy in the field and we walked back to the yard like good little ponies. Saddles and bridles intact.
Mum and Megan arrived not long after and were none the worse for their enforced crash landing. Megan even asked when she could ride again. I’m not sure what Mum’s response was but I think it went along the line of rocking stupid horses but we all know that is not what she said but I’m too young to repeat exactly what she said …… till next time.

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